Our international network of mentors accumulates knowledge and experience from many areas of business, IT and media. We keep on growing!


Share their expertise and help teams with specific issues
Vital Laptenok
CEO and co-founder, Genesis Media
Svetlana Deviatova
Product Manager,
Gideon Lichfield
Editor-in-Chief at MIT Technology Review, ex-Quartz
Herman Poleschuk
Serial entrepreneur, founder of Tigermilk Media and Slon Media
Alexander Amzin
Publisher, Product Manager at The Bell multiplatform outlet. Founder of the We and Zho professional website about the media and journalism
Andrei Kuryan
Senior Experience Designer, EPAM Minsk
Alex Fridlyand
Computer vision, 3D reconstruction and natural language processing researcher at EPAM Minsk
Dan Kargin
Senior Experience Designer, EPAM Minsk
Sergey Drobyshevsky
Co-founder of the Insight by TDI startup accelerator, entrepreneur, business psychologist
Daria Minsky
Co-founder and CEO of the Exponenta AI startup, founder of the Belarusian projects and RFRM
Dzmitry Kaniuk
Product Manager at PandaDoc. Managing partner at the Bibox
Tatiana Repkova
Founder of the Media Managers Club
Irina Dubovik
CEO at PROJECT MARKETING, author and founder of the StartUpON intensive course for startuppers, creator of the first map of the Belarusian startup ecosystem
Vadim Kheifets
Marketing Director, partner at Slon Media. More than 10 years of experience in digital marketing and creative industries
Kirill Voloshin
Co-founder of,, probusiness. Startup mentor. Business angel
Yan Paul Dubbelman
Director and Technical supervisor Doublemen
Pavel Voroniuk
Ad Tech Manager TUT.BY, analyst and project manager.
Yonatan V. Levin
Mobile Development Lead (, Founder of Android Academy, Google Developer Expert


Support the startups
throughout the acceleration process
Franak Viačorka
funlib superviser
Expert on digital communications and media manager. Creative director at Radio Liberty, a consultant with the U.S. Agency for Global Media, vice president of the Digital Communication Network
Serge Sakharau
TextCat superviser
Media consultant, Editor-in-Chief at Citydog
Andrey Rudski
Dialects superviser
Engineer, moderator, member of
Alina Radachynskaya
Oreado superviser
Coordinator for the Open Data community. Author of an introductory course in data management for journalists and an online course in open data for distance learning platform of the Flying University, and coordinator for the Infographics TUT course
Denis Dybsky
InfludB superviser
Business development and special projects manager at Teslasuit. Expert on immersive technologies and smart clothes.
Galina Malishevskaya
Best Headline superviser
Media manager, coach, consultant on strategic planning and management


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