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LaunchME was launched in Minsk in October 2018 by Press Club Belarus and SPACE with support from the British Embassy in Minsk.


Combine efforts of IT and media sectors
Create a hi-tech environment to develop innovative media
Help business and media collaborate


Media or IT — it does not matter where you come from, as long as you are ready to make innovative, cool startups. You define your own role.
You have an idea
... but not enough resources, like-minded people or expertise for a launch?
During the acceleration, you will get everything you need.
You have a startup
You have an idea and perhaps even a product prototype? In that case, accelerator is for you.
You have expertise
You are competent in one of the two areas (media or technology) and you are ready to join a team with an idea or a startup.


Systematic preparation for a launch
Each team will develop a marketing strategy and a set of business metrics, and acquire the knowledge required to work with investors.
Demo Day
The jury and investors determine the best startups that will receive a scholarship for implementation of their projects and decide whether they are ready to invest.
During acceleration, each startup will position itself and define a customer communication style, while a professional designer will create a distinctive identity for each brand.
Expert supervision
Throughout the period of acceleration, the startups will be supported by supervisors who have their own unique experience in overcoming various problems when launching media and high-tech projects.
Further resources
Each project will receive legal support, help from professional coders and other types of professionals as required—free of charge or at a partner discount.


Press Club Belarus
An informal association of media professionals, and all those with a wish to improve their journalistic skills and keep up with professional standards and trends.
Professional team of the organizers of technological conferences and a hub for IT community in Belarus


Julija Slutskaya
LMA Superviser
Galina Malishevskaya
LMA Academical Director
Katerina Lukashenok
LMA Producer
Yuliya Aliokhna
LMA Manager
Valentina Fedortsova
LMA Manager
Agnija Loika
LMA Event Manager
Yuliya Zanemonskaya
LMA Event Manager
Peter Slutsky
LMA Cameraman
Alex Shuntov
LMA Journalist
Misha Bei
LMA Digital Warlock
Tatsiana Eremeeva
LMA Event Production Manager
Sergey Balay
LMA phographer
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vulica Viery Charužaj 3-601, Minsk, Belarus
A three minute walk from Plošča Jakuba Kolasa metro station

Press Club Belarus
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