The accelerator is already running, but the participating teams continue to search for professionals to join their startups.


YouTube video context analysis service
What YouTube talks about, with what emotions, on what topics and in what accents—Tube Buzz will answer all of these questions. Who are the heroes? The founding tandem consists of Arkadiy Nesterenko and Yevgeniy Rozhko. They are joined by Sergey Kutsuk, Andrey Bondarenko and Sergey Savitskiy.

The team is looking for back-end developers, and machine learning and AI professionals.
Generator of media headlines
The team plans to use artificial neural networks for creating headlines for news releases, journalist stories and other text content. The headline generator will help both media and business.

Who are the heroes?
Founder Valentin Lopan with Aleksandr Vasyuk, Oleg Lipskiy and Aleksandr Semenkevich.

The team is looking for a data scientist.
Library of interactive tools that would fit in layout of any online media outlet
Once the startup is live, media outlets will be able to purchase interactive formats like tests, quizzes, jigsaws, memes, crosswords, puzzles, games or cards, on a subscription basis, and integrate these into their websites without the involvement of a developer or designer: each product will pick up the fonts, colors and other elements specific to the brand.

Who are the heroes? Founder Dima Sokolov with Alesya Zhuk, Anastasiya Bolotnikova and Yevgeniy Malin.

The team is looking for a front-end developer.
A proofreader, editor and SEO manager in one program
The program adjusts to the style of a media outlet, the reader's preferences, it also learns from others' mistakes and uses an intelligent approach to stylistic devices.

Who are the heroes? Founder Valentin Mikhaltsov with Stas Sviridov, Vladimir Luzhnyov, Pavel Yakubenko, Yaroslav Byshek, Ilya Timokhin and Yevgeniy Blagodarov.

The team is looking for a business analyst and linguist to join them.
An interactive map of Belarusian dialects
The interactive map of Belarusian dialects will be of interest to all those learning their native culture and language. The team promises to cover the whole country within a year. The project found its first customer during the hackathon—we congratulate the team on that achievement!

Who are the heroes? Founder Maksim Khlebets with Inna Khomich, Aleksey Zhuk and Anton Zhuk.

The team is looking for a marketing professional to help with launching their product.

A personalized manager of mailouts
The project addresses the issue of loaded inboxes containing hundreds of unread messages. The mail manager offers the user to group selected messages by subject (news, education, business, etc.) and view these as a news feed.

Who are the heroes? Valeriya Gavrusheva, founder. Joining her is a team composed of Aleksey Tishchenko, Denis Tamkovich, Ivan Shpilevskiy and Aleksandr Chikilev.

The team is looking for front-end, Android and iOS developers.

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