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Generator of media headlines
What is the issue?
Journalists spend a lot of time and effort gathering information and writing article or news texts. As a result, they have to offer several headlines to the finished text. The headline must be created quickly and should attract the attention of readers. In the era of digital media and social networks the headline should still be attractive for the search engine.

What does Best Headline offer?
We will help solve this problem using the capabilities of artificial intelligence, knowledge of language semantics and certain heuristics. The author of the text can focus on the main task – the creation of the article and our service will offer headlines for it.

Why us?
There is a lot of online services, which provide headline templates or suggest recommendations on writing the headlines. But the main work has to be done by the writer.
The solution, that our team is working on, is a fully automatic generation of the headline, which is associated with the meaning of the article (text)

our team

Valentin Lopan
Founder, PR-technologies expert
Eugeniya Babitskaya
Business analyst, project manager
Best Headline team needs IT-developers.
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