An interactive map of Belarusian dialects
What is the issue?
Dialects are disappearing or getting very similar to national languages. Such a treasure as local languages mustn't die. We do not have much time left to keep the original sound of dialects for the descendants.
What is the solution?
Our team creates an interactive map of Belarusian dialects, and over the longer term - of other countries as well. Thus, each of us will be able at any moment and just in a few clicks to hear, for example, a song from the childhood sung by the grandmother.
Why us?
We create the dialects map together with our listeners. Everybody can record audio or video and upload it to the map.

our team

Maksim Khliabets
Founder, editor
Ina Homich
Author of the idea, journalist
Aleksei Zhuk
Anton Zhuk
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