Library of interactive tools that would fit in layout of any online media outlet
What is the issue?
Readers engage and take in information better via "games" and gamification can help media to explore and explain complex topics. But it's expensive to conceptualize and produce. To create it you need a team of a journalist, editor, proofreader, designer, developer and tester.
What is the solution?
funlib – a resource portal with a collection of interactive tools, which clients – mainly online media outlets – can employ to maximize engagement with their websites.
Why us?
Our interactive elements will analyze, recognize, and automatically adjust to the look and style of the client's website, from its colors to its fonts

our team

Dima Sokolovsky
Founder, editor
Alesya Zhuk
Media marketing manager
Nastya Bolotnikova
Eugene Malin
funlib team needs IT-developers.
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