Wikipedia of influencers
What is the issue?
Influence marketing is currently one of the most effective digital marketing strategies. According to researches, the efficiency of influencers is up to 10 times higher than the traditional digital ads, but despite this the threshold for entering this space is too high.The key problem that anyone faces is fragmented influencers search which prevents influence marketing development.
What is the solution?

We offer a public & searchable influencers database as a standard with FREE access to it. We call it Wikipedia of influencers. It's a public crowdsourced database of influencers profiles with information and analytics. Our mission is to democratize influencer marketing so that it's available to everyone.
Why us?

Any influencer can provide us with more info and become approved. Influencers and businesses can rate each other so now it's become clearer whom better to work with. It will help both influencers and businesses to find a perfect match.

our team

Yauhen Razhko
Founder. Product Manager
Arkadiy Nesterenko
Artsemi Ivashkevich
Sergey Kutsuk
Business Analysis
InfludB needs a front-end developer:
> 2+ years of experience in HTML, CSS, jQuery / js
> skills in GIT
> Bootstrap css framework
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