E-mail newsletters manager
What is the issue?
It's hard to keep up with the email newsletters. Some of them clog up our inboxes making us feel frustrated and demotivated.
There're many alternatives to get useful content: channels in messengers, social networks, RSS feeds and news aggregators. They've become more personalized and mobile-adopted, but our inboxes almost haven't changed. It's time to give people a specialized modern tool for reading their newsletters.
What is the solution?
Oreado is an iOS-application for reading and managing newsletters. Machine learning algorithm will define the most important newsletters and they won't show up in the inbox any longer. But now you will be able to check and read them in Oreado.
Why us?
Email productivity apps are focused on cleaning up the inbox. The main goal of newsletters apps is to give a tool for reading. Oreado does both: helps to unload your inbox and read great content in your downtime.
But it's not only about solving technical problems. We believe that Oreado can become a tool, which helps people to make progress.


Lera Gawruschewa
Founder. Journalist
Aliaksei Tsishchanka
UI/UX designer
Ivan Shpilevsky
Denis Tamkovich
Back-end developer
Ivan Shatukho
Back-end developer
Elizaveta Shcheglovskaya
iOS developer
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